Xp3 co-op ad pool info:

  • Like any advertising, there is NO guarantee of sales or signups, but we do guarantee we will be transparant and do our best to make our ad pool as productive and profitable as possible!
  • The cost of 1 share in the pool is $25 and at this time you can only purchase 1 share per distributor ID. 
  • We are currently adding people to the ad pool "waiting list" for being added to ad pool campaigns on the 1st Wednesday of each month. 
  • There are no retail commissions paid on the initial sales that result from the ads because the initial retail commissions are put back into the ad pool for everyone to benefit.
  • We will notify you when a new customer is placed under your distributor ID as a result of the ads and any future purchases or enrollment from a customer placed under your account will earn result in commissions and points in your binary sturcture. 
  • Completing this form will lock in your position in the waiting list for the ad pool. Once we receive your $25 payment (which we will email you info on how to send the payment), you will be included in the next round of advertising. Please note the $25 payment must be received by the 2nd Saturday of the month in order to be included in the next round of advertising.
  • In the email you will receive, you will find a link to a 10 minute audio recording about the foundation for advertising. Please be sure to listen to this recording because it is a required step in order to be part of the ad pool.  
  • We provide weekly updates on the ads, purchases, budget, and other related data every Wednesday through a password protected page that you will receive access to when you are officially part of the ad cycle. 

Have Questions or Need Help - Contact Tom Spudic at (612) 508-3320.  

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